12-17-2017 Sunday
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UN and World Bank Lay Out Roadmap for Sustainable Financial System

Amid growing global momentum to finance climate action and sustainable development, the UN’s top environmental body and the World Bank Group today released research to help governments and the private sector design a global financial system that is fit-for-purpose.

Global Poverty Reduction Online Knowledge Sharing Database More>

With standardized templates and a strong network of contributors, Global Poverty Reduction Online Knowledge Sharing Database is a pioneering step in poverty reduction. Its tree diagrams summarize technically-replicable cases and promote south-south cooperation

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  • Caring for the elderly

  • Different ethnic groups making progress together

  • Pingyao villages alleviate poverty through sharing

  • Mutual funds built by poor villages—the panacea for poverty

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  • Aramco Asia's CSR connects energy, opportunity and people

  • Mongolian poverty rate estimated at nearly 30 pct

  • World Bank says 22 pct of Brazilians live under poverty line

  • Malawi celebrates milestone with launch of rail link